Chronic renal failure

Chronic renal failure — chronic kidney disease in which a slowly progressive loss of renal function over several years. After the patient developed permanent kidney failure. Chronic renal failure is a common stronger than people think. So often the disease remains undetected until well not manifest itself, and only then, renal failure are inevitable. People are very hard to understand that they have chronic renal failure when their kidney function is 25% of normal. As renal failure progresses, and function of the seriously deteriorating, the fluid level in the body rapidly increases. Treatment in this case aimed at stopping or slowing of disease — it needs to identify its root cause.

If chronic renal failure is in the terminal stage, the patient will need dialysis (artificial filtering) or renal transplantation. According to the National Health Service in the UK from 1 to 4 people with 1,000 Britons suffer from chronic kidney disease. The average age of these patients — 77 years. In the UK, health authorities warned people South Asian, African and Afro-Caribbean origin are exposed to an increased risk of developing the disease, compared with others. According to the medical dictionary: renal failure — a loss of renal function, acute or chronic, which ends azotemia and uremia syndrome (end-stage renal failure).

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