Treatment enterobiosis

lechenie jenterobioza 1 Treatment enterobiosis

You can block the ability of the worm to absorb glucose, resulting in his death. It uses a single dose of mebendazole. This treatment is suitable for patients over the age of two years. Side effects may include diarrhea or abdominal pain, especially if the patient has a severe form of the infection. With piperazine can paralyze the worm so that you can easily remove it from the gut. Sometimes patients also give a light laxative. These two drugs are usually in the form of powder, which is washed down with water. Patients with kidney problems or epilepsy is not recommended to take this medication. The effectiveness of these funds is 90-100%. However, they do not kill the eggs. And strict hygiene should be observed for at least two weeks after treatment. If the infection does not respond to treatment the first time, you have a second course. During pregnancy and breastfeeding will help get rid of the infection only hygiene, not medication. The same method is used in the treatment of infants — Hygiene.

As a result, the infection may develop complications such as urinary tract infection — it is more common in women with severe worm infestation can migrate to the bladder, causing cystitis infection of the abdominal cavity — women worm can migrate from the anal area to the vagina and to the uterus, fallopian tubes and around the pelvic organs, causing vaginitis or endometritis, weight loss — occurs in severe infections where the parasite eats almost all the nutrients infection of the skin — itching can lead to injury to the skin, making it difficult disease.

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